Special Educational Needs

The School’s Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENDCo) is: Mrs Ryan. 

Mrs Ryan has been the SENDCo at Mead Vale since September 2014.



At Mead Vale Primary School, we believe that all children have the right to a full and rounded education which will enable them to achieve their full potential.


Special Needs usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Communication and interaction. This could be speech difficulties, social skills difficulties or autism.
  • Cognition and learning. Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, global learning difficulties, processing and memory difficulties
  • Social, mental and emotional health. Difficulties that impact on a child’s mental health or behaviour.
  • Sensory/physical. Children with hearing or sight impairments or a physical disability
  • Medical. Children with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes or ME


As a result of any of the above areas causing a child to have problems accessing their education, the school may put special educational provision in place to help them.

Please use this link to download a copy of our SEND Information Report.