Peace Garden

Mead Vale Primary School Peace Garden was made for children who want to relax outside. It is accessible to all ages and all disabilities. The Peace Garden has been used by many, some use it to relax and chat or to express their feelings and thoughts on a blackboard.

Once a week a group called the reflection group met up to discuss ways of how to make the school a better place. It was here the idea came about. We presented our idea to the Governors and they agreed to give us a thousand pounds. We called in a company called Pentagon Play to pitch our idea; Becky Hazel loved the plan and that was the start of it.

A few weeks later we met up with Becky again to decide what flooring we wanted for our Peace Garden, of course it had to be soft and comfy. We waited almost two months then before the idea could be brought to life.

The Peace Garden has been flourishing for almost six months now and is still enjoyed by everyone!

Written by Jessica

10 July 2017