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Extra Curricular Activities

Mead Vale Primary School children have a core entitlement to a full curriculum and wherever possible, we make this broad, interesting and relevant. However, there are areas of learning that are not within the scope of the usual school day but which we recognise as being beneficial to our children.


We aim to offer these extra opportunities through various types of provision delivered by school staff, external providers and independent clubs - all with a view to increasing the range of experiences that children have. 


By encouraging extra-curricular activities, we intend to:


- enable children to sample from a range of activities and pursuits that will help them choose leisure activities for adult life,

- enable children to have fun and enjoy a broad range of activities,

- enable children to extend their enjoyment of particular areas of learning through more in depth study and activity,

- encourage children to develop friendships between age groups, and work together comparatively.