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Welcome toMead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.


Welcome to Year 2!



Term 5

Flamingo class had lots of fun celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. We went on a treasure hunt, ate ice creams and sang a Jubilee song. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a fabulous day.

Term 4

Flamingos had lots of fun in Design and Technology, designing and making a healthy and appetising pizza. First we safely chopped and cut all the ingredients before adding toppings to pitta bread. The pizzas smelt delicious - but we think they will taste even better!

Term 3

In term 3 we have been reading our new text “Hummingbirds” by Nicola Davies and Jane Ray.

A hummingbird is smaller than your thumb and weighs less than a 20 pence piece – however you measure it, it’s tiny. But every spring, hummingbirds that have spent the winter in Mexico fly north to make the most of the warmer weather. They nest as far north as Canada and Alaska; a 2,000 mile trip! This is the story of one spring migration: of a tiny bird, an amazing journey and the people it meets along the way.

We decided to find out about the birds that visited our own homes and gardens. To help us with this we made our own bird cakes. The mixture was "squidgy, sticky and stodgy." We may not think it looks tasty – but we hope the birds do. Now for a spot of bird watching.


In term 2 we were historians learning about The Great Fire of London. We can tell you how the fire, happened, why it spread, how it was put out and what happened in London after the fire. We know all these things because of sources such as pictures and Samuel Pepys diary which we looked at. Ask a question and we will surprise you with our knowledge.

In DT we worked hard with a partner and designed and made houses like those in 1666. We think we are great designers .Do you ?


The Great Fire of London

Following instructions how to make an origami cat.


In term 2 we learnt how it write instructions. First we looked at the features of different instructions. Then we followed instructions to make an origami cat. Finally we wrote, proof read and edited our own set of instructions to make an origami cat.

School competition win


We had a wonderful end of term with our school treat of the bouncy castle on the last day of term before we broke up for the Christmas.

Here we are on the bouncy castle. You can tell by our faces it was great fun. Thank you for voting for us.

Bouncy castle fun.