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Learning Mentors and Family Support

As learning mentors our aim is to provide a support service to individuals and groups of children. We do this by developing personal skills and addressing issues which are affecting their learning.


We work with parents and families to remove barriers which may be affecting your child’s well being or education.


Learning Mentor/Parent Support Advisor (PSA) - Amanda Gale



What is the Learning Mentor Role at Mead Vale?

· Someone who removes barriers to learning

· A role model

· A listener

· An observer

· A supporter or encourager

· A challenger of assumptions

· A Guide

· A target negotiator


         A Learning Mentor isn’t

· A teacher or classroom assistant

· A learning support assistant

· A baby sitter

· A person to stand moral judgement of a situation


Principles of the Learning Mentor

· To  identify barriers to learning

· Removal of barriers to learning

· Setting targets

· Providing guidance

· Building confidence and self-esteem

· Liaising with families, staff and outside agencies

· Developing a whole school culture


Timetable & Caseloads of a Learning Mentor

· 1:1 individual support

· Group work activities, including some lunchtimes

· Interventions

· Liaise with other staff, parents, carers and agencies

· Smoothing transition from primary to secondary

· Help with social skills, emotional understanding

· Training and networking

· Caseloads will consist of children/families who need:

                        Daily or frequent support each week

                        Weekly support

                        Monthly or drop-in support



· Help pupils to overcome barriers to learning

· Raise attainment and attendance

· Improve social skills

· Develop self-esteem

· Raise standards in school

· To motivate pupils to reach their potential


         For Individual Support a Pupil May Need Help With..

· Attendance

· Punctuality

· Self-esteem

· Motivation

· Communication

· Attainment

· Difficulties at home

· Bereavement

· Social skills

· Understanding their and other children's emotions


Any child can request that they be mentored at any time


A Pupil May No Longer Need Help When…

· The Learner has reached goals set

· The Learner no longer needs assistance

· The Learner has left school

· The Learner is not willing to co-operate/attend

· Help/support is being given elsewhere


Liaison with Parents/Carers

The mentoring programme asks that parents/carers support the

involvement of a Learning Mentor.

An initial meeting is offered to discuss the support available.


What is the role of the Parent Support Advisor?

· To support parents and families through difficult times

· Signpost to other services which can help families

· Settling children into school and supporting parents through transitions in education

· Illness, Bereavement, Separation or Loss situations

· Parenting issues—signposted to the relevant support

· Providing a supportive shoulder or ear through times of stress

· Liaising with outside agencies (social care, family support)

· Developing a whole school community

· We can be there for the small ‘traumas’ that life throws at us as well as longer term support and help through school or agency involvement

· Help provide access and support to other specific parenting programmes offered throughout North Somerset network.


If you wish to make an individual appointment to discuss your child or family situation please see either your class teacher or visit the office.



Please also take a look at our Parent Survival Guides: