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Welcome toMead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.

Year 1

Hi Year 1

We hope that you’re all doing ok and that you are finding lots of things to keep you busy while you’re at home. We’ve put together a pack of activities to help you to keep your skills sharp and to keep your brain busy…
There is a pack of daily activities for you to do. The challenge cards online do not printing off. You can talk about the answers with your grown up, or write them in a book or on paper.
On the website there are 2 English units to work through. It doesn’t matter which order you do them in. Again, they do not need to be printed off. You can work from computer screen and do the exercises in a book or on paper.
There are many excellent phonetically decodable e-books available on the Oxford Owl website – all FREE to read on screen! Just register with your name and email address to access them for your child:
Please still practise the key words for your year group. Also keep going with handwriting. You can copy the key words, making them neater and neater. Reading is SO important. Ask your grown up if you can read to a relative over FaceTime – they would love it.
Another task you could do is to design a poster to promote a film you have seen. If you photograph it and post it on Twitter or Facebook, you can earn your class a marble! It needs to persuade everyone to watch it so include what age range, who might like it and what roughly it is about. Do not give away the whole plot. If your parents are not on Facebook or Twitter send to the school email and we’ll upload for
Outdoor learning
In your pack are ideas for outdoor learning. A garden or a walk in the park are all you need for these. It’s good to get outside for a while every day.
The next two weeks are the Easter Holidays. Even if you are only doing a small amount of work, then you are doing amazingly well!
Parents- be kind to yourself. None of us in school are expecting you to be able to do it all. Pick and choose what works for you.
Keep safe and well,
The Year 1 Team