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Year 3

Hi everyone


Hope you are all doing ok and are finding lots of books to read? We can see lots of Y3 have been doing quizzes on accelerated reader and many of you have been improving your timetables on Rock stars. Well done!



If we were at school, we’d be learning about length and perimeter. There are activities that we have uploaded on the website that you can see on your computer and maybe print off. You do not need to print stuff off to learn about measuring. You will need a ruler or tape measure and then just find things around the house. Challenge each other – can you find something 95cm?

Which object has the biggest perimeter?


The challenge cards online do not printing off. Look at the knowledge organiser to remind yourself what you need to know.



There are 2 English units to work through; it doesn’t matter which order you do them in. Again, they do not need to be printed off. You can work from computer screen and do the exercises in a book or on paper. One of the units is based around Fantastic Mr Fox and the other is based around Ancient Greece.

Please still practise the year 3 and 4 statutory spelling list. Also keep going with handwriting. ½ the line size with joins. Just copy some text from a book so you can practise. Reading is so important. Read to a relative over FaceTime – they would love it.


Another task you could do is to design a poster to promote the book you have read. If you photograph it and post it on Twitter or Facebook, you can earn your class a marble! It needs to persuade everyone to read it so include what age range, who might like it and what roughly it is about. Do not give away the whole plot. If your parents are not on Facebook or Twitter send to the school email and we’ll upload for you. 



One of the periods of history we were planning to study was Ancient Greece. On our school website there are some activities and information PowerPoints.  There is so much you can find out about the ancient Greeks. We wouldn’t have been able to cover everything anyway and now you get to choose what you’d like to find out.


We have included facts about the Olympics, timeline activities and activities about the Gods. You could find out about how they lived, about Aesop and his fables, about democracy, schools or trade. 


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a printer, you can still draw maps, make top trump cards about the gods, draw diagrams of their houses, and have a mini Olympics with your family (make new events like tossing the cushion). Make a project folder, poster or fact file. Do you like watching Disney? Hercules the movie is set in Ancient Greece. Remember it is not a reliable historical source but it is fun!


The next two weeks are the Easter Holidays. Even if you are only doing a small amount of work, then you are doing amazing!

Parents- be kind to yourself. None of us in school are expecting you to be able to do it all. Pick and choose what works for you.


Keep safe

The Year 3 team.