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Welcome toMead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.

Year 4

Hi everyone


Hope you are all doing ok and are finding lots of books to read? We can see lots of Y4 have been doing quizzes on Accelerated Reader and many of you have been improving your timetables on Rock Stars so well done!

Miss King will continue to add Rock Star Battles each week and remember to challenge your teachers and class friends to Rock Slams when you can! Currently, Toucans are out performing the Canaries. Come on Canaries! Make sure you go onto Rock Stars at least once a day.



If we were at school, we’d be learning about decimals. There are activities that we have uploaded on the website that you can see on your computer and maybe print off. You do not need to print stuff off if you don’t wish to.


Practice lots on converting from Fractions to decimals. There is a work sheet showing some examples.



On the website, there is a PowerPoint with links to activities for the children to do daily which link to writing the children can do at home. Remember, children can also practice their handwriting at this time making sure their lower case letters are half the line size and nicely joined.


Reading is so important. Read to a relative over FaceTime – they would love it. Children can continue to do Accelerated reader quizzes and make sure you are reading the non-fiction texts too and quizzing on these.


Another task you could do is to design a poster to promote the book you have read. If you photograph it and post it on Twitter or Facebook, you can earn your class a marble! It needs to persuade everyone to read it so include what age range, who might like it and what roughly it is about. Do not give away the whole plot. If your parents are not on Facebook or Twitter send to the school email and we’ll upload for you. 



We are learning about mountains, volcanos and earthquakes. See lesson plans and activities.



There are currently three different activities to have a go at.

This year the theme is ‘Our Diverse Planet’ - celebrating the amazing diversity we see across the world. From biodiversity to cultural and societal diversity, from the diversity of knowledge to STEM careers and subjects. There are lots of ways to explore this theme - we’d love to hear some of your ideas too!


The next two weeks are the Easter Holidays. Even if you are only doing a small amount of work, then you are doing amazing!

Parents- be kind to yourself. None of us in school are expecting you to be able to do it all. Pick and choose what works for you.


Keep safe

The Year 4 team.