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Mead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.


Welcome toMead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.

Year 4

Earlier this week during our Lockdown Team meeting the Canaries had a virtual Art Exhibition. We had a few days to work on a piece of art or a sculpture and then share it with the rest of the class.

During the virtual exhibit we discussed with each other our work and celebrated our successes.


Year 4 Virtual Art Exhibition

Welcome to Year 4!

Performances of the poem by Mel and Pie Corbett called 'Cave of Curiosity'

We have been looking at a poem called 'The Cave of Curiosity'  by Mel and Pie Corbett.


One of the lessons we worked hard on was to perform the poem using a variety of percussion instruments. We focused on  our individual and team performance; how we used the instruments to create an eerie atmosphere and how the audience enjoyed our performance.

We really enjoyable the English lesson.