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Visit from DCM D (628 Signal Troop), 1 NATO Signal Brigade Wednesday 6 June 2018

Mead Vale was given a big thank you last Wednesday from the soldiers of DCM D (628 Signal Troop), 1 NATO Signal Brigade. These are the soldiers to whom the children sent parcels and letters out to Afganistan.  KS1 pupils tried on combat gear and had a go at using the soldiers’ radio devices. They also learned about field rations and likened them to astronauts’ food.  All the pupils had an assembly where they watched a short film made by the soldiers during their recent Afghan posting. The children had the chance to ask lots of questions about army life.

The soldiers presented the school with a commemorative photograph of the unit with the Mead Vale flag taken out in Afghanistan, two commemorative medals, a NATO medal of honour and a Queen’s medal for service in Afghanistan as well as a personalised Afghanistan RS plaque. We presented DCM D 628 Signal Troop with a painting of the school with their regiment’s flag.

The soldiers then formally took down their flag and hoisted the Mead Vale flag they made, much to the delight of all. We were all overwhelmed with pride at Mead Vale with how the children reacted to the visit and the response from the troops. The link between the school and the unit is very strong and DCM D 628 Signal Troop have become a permanent part of our school’s community.


Mead Vale Community Primary School is committed to being a ‘self-improving’ school, in pursuit of becoming outstanding. We have approximately 400 children on roll and pride ourselves in providing high quality education and care to every child in our school. Our school vision is to work with parents and the wider community, so that all children will experience the joy of individual and collective success. Learning at Mead Vale is fun, inspirational and without limits.

"Enjoying & Achieving Together"


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