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Music is fundamental to our humanity and civilization. Every child deserves the opportunity to engage with music of all styles and from all cultures, in order to develop their own musical journey.

Music at Mead Vale will:


• enable all children to have opportunities to create, play, perform and appraise music.

• actively involve children in listening, composing and performing during music.

• give opportunities to express ideas, thoughts and feelings, share and co-operate with others through singing, playing, composing and listening or appraising different musical genres.

• give the children greater awareness of musical traditions in a variety of cultures and societies.

• through singing, focus on developing the children’s ability to sing in tune and as part of a group.

• through singing songs, children will learn about the structure and organisation of music.

• by listening and appraising music, children will be able to discuss how feelings and emotions can be represented, as well as specific skills such as; pulse and pitch.

• give opportunities to explore musical and graphic notation through composition.

As a school we choose to teach music using the Charanga model curriculum.  This Scheme provides clearly sequenced units and lessons with week-by-week support for each year group. This scheme supports all the requirements of the National Curriculum: listening, singing, playing, composing, improvising and performing.

Model Music Curriculum Scheme Unit Overview

Progression Documents