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Mead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.


Welcome toMead Vale CommunityPrimary SchoolWork Hard. Be Kind.

Staff List

Come and meet the staff at our school!


School Management Team 
Mrs J JaloszynskiHeadteacher

Mrs R Perry

Deputy Head 

Mrs J Bonney


Early Years Team

Foundation Class - Teal


Mrs Z Brown

EYFS Lead and class teacher

Mrs C ReynoldsTeaching Assistant
Year 1 Class- Puffin 
Ms E Laing

Year 1 Teacher (Monday-Wednesday)

Mrs R Withers

Year 1 Teacher (Thursday-Friday)

Mrs C BorrowsTeaching Assistant

Year 2 Class- Flamingo


Miss N Cheetham

Year 2 Teacher 

Mrs S Bretherton

Teaching Assistant

Year 3 Class- Wagtail


Mrs K CapleYear 3 Teacher
Mrs C MorrisTeaching Assistant
Mrs E ZeqajTeaching Assistant
Year 4 Class- Canaries 

Ms P Carpenter

Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Class- HummingbirdMiss S King
Year 6 Class- Robin

Mrs R Perry (Mon/Tues) Miss J Thorne (Wed-Fri)

Year 6 Class- WoodpeckerMr D Watkins
Classroom Support Key Stage 2 
Mrs W ConnellyTeaching Assistant
Mrs L BishopTeaching Assistant
Mrs M DunmoreTeaching Assistant
Mrs C MorrisTA/HLTA
PPA Support 
Miss E JonesHLTA
SEN Support Staff Team 
Miss C BakerLearning Support Assistant
Mrs  J SmithLearning Support Assistant
Mrs K CombstockLearning Support Assistant
Mrs LP BishopLearning Support Assistant
Mrs B BlakeLearning Support Assistant
Mrs A BishopLearning Support Assistant
Miss E JonesLearning Support Assistant
Mrs G RobertsonLearning Support Assistant
Mrs A TattersallLearning Support Assistant
Miss R DewhurstLearning Support Assistant
Miss H SmithLearning Support Assistant
Mrs R CoxallLearning Support Assistant
Mrs S ParishLearning Support Assistant
Mrs S PowellSEN Teacher
Mrs K CombstockLearning Mentor

Mrs S Binding

Reading Partner

Mrs C PalmerReading Partner
Administration Team 
Mrs N BignellOffice Manager/Finance
Mrs D EvansReceptionist
Site Team 
Mr S WinterCaretaker
Lunchtime Supervisors Team 
Mrs A Matter (Lead)Mrs C Dunstone
Mrs R ButlerMiss H Smith

Mrs R Coxall

Mrs L Druce
Mrs K CombstockMrs C Palmer
Mrs S Binding 
Extended Schools Team 

Mrs A Matter

Playworker Breakfast Club

Miss N KosztikPlayworker Breakfast Club
Mrs R CoxallPlayworker After School Club