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As a school we use The North Somerset Learning Exchange’s ‘Year 2 – 6 Spelling Programme’. This programme meets the requirements of the Year 2; Year 3 and 4; Year 5 and 6 National Curriculum, 2014, programmes of study (transcription and English appendix 1 - spelling) with reference to Year 1 spelling requirements to ensure clear progression.


Spelling is taught daily in 20 minute sessions.


When teaching spelling we will

· recognise the importance of teaching children the knowledge needed for them to become competent spellers. Writing ideas down fluently relies upon effective transcription: (the relationship between phonics, word structure (morphology) and spelling structure (orthography).

· help the children to understand the history that has, and continues to, shape our spelling system and to unlock the mystery of spelling.

· ensure the basis of our teaching is through morphology, grouping English words families (words which are related to each other by a combination of form, grammar and meaning). Mastering basic morphological principles allows children to have a way of working out the spelling of over half a million words.

· support children with the spelling of root words by revisiting, reinforcing and drawing upon their prior knowledge of phonics through reading and spelling.

· Through etymology, children are expose children to the stories behind why irregular words are spelt that way. Graphic strategies are applied to assist with the memorisation of these words.

· ensure that vocabulary linked to projects, technical words, new language is taught through English lessons and subject specific lessons.

· be encouraged to use their knowledge of grapheme phoneme correspondence when making choices about how to spell unknown words.

· create daily spelling sessions including an opportunity to revisit previous learning, acquire new learning about spelling rule and finally to practice and apply this learning.

· ensure our teaching is responsive  and ensures that children apply their learning of spelling in writing tasks across the curriculum.