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Pastoral Support

Pastoral care is the name given to a school’s commitment to improving and developing the mental wellbeing of each child. This is achieved by creating a school environment that is inclusive, friendly and child-focused. Plans and provisions are put in place which consider and include the physical, social, intellectual and emotional needs of every child so that we cater for everyone’s wellbeing.


Improving and nurturing our childrens' mental wellbeing has many benefits. How we feel about ourselves always carries into other areas of our life. When pupils feel positive, supported and looked after, often this has a positive effect on their academic progress and overall health too. This also begins to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to be in charge of their own wellbeing as they grow up.


Some of the areas we can offer support to your family include:

Low-self esteem                                     
Food issues
Loss and separation
Conflict resolutions
Routines at home

Domestic Abuse

Online Safety

Healthy Relationships

Understanding identity



Friendships in school
Anxiety and emotional wellbeing
Transition between classes
Transition between schools

Young Carers 

Parents in prison

Hygiene self-care


Diversity and inclusivity


What are the benefits for pupils?


Improved motivation
Raised self-esteem
Increased confidence
Reduced challenging behaviour
Developed social skills
Coping skills

Knowing what safe behaviour is               


Increased positive attitudes
Positive mental health and wellbeing
Establishing and maintaining friendships
Empathy for others
Reach full learning potential
Manage their own feelings successfully


We work with parents and families to remove barriers which may be affecting your child’s well being or education.



· Help pupils to overcome barriers to learning

· Raise attainment and attendance

· Improve social skills

· Develop self-esteem

· Raise standards in school

· To motivate pupils to reach their potential


 For Individual Support a Pupil May Need Help With..

· Attendance

· Punctuality

· Self-esteem

· Motivation

· Communication

· Attainment

· Difficulties at home

· Bereavement

· Social skills

· Understanding their own and other children's emotions


If you wish to make an individual appointment to discuss your child or family situation please see either your class teacher or visit the office.

We look forward to working with you and your child 

Thank you



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