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Online Safety


The information below is guidance to help you keep your child safe when using the internet.

Ensuring that our children know how to report issues regarding Online Safety is very important and as parents/carers you are often their first line of defence. The children in school know how to report issues to all staff and they also know that they should talk to you if ever there is something they are unhappy with.


We now also have a report button which both children and you, as parents/carers, can use too if you have an online safety issue that you would like to report to the school anonymously. Simply use the Whisper button below, titled ‘Report an issue’. This button can be seen on each page of our website.


There are many useful websites that can teach children about online safety and correct internet use:

Childnet have a variety of resources that can help your family to find a way of using technology that suits everyone in the family. In particular they have some valuable ideas for managing family time online.


Some useful factsheets/guidance: 

We've added some helpful guides below to some popular online games and apps as well as some general advice which should apply to all of us when going online.

Please ask your child about the SMART rules.